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The Arts & Handwork

Art and handwork are a foundational component of our curriculum, nurturing creativity and individual expression in every student.


Handwork in our curriculum is designed to enrich the educational experience, weaving together the development of cognitive abilities with the nurturing of creative and practical skills. It teaches patience, fosters attention to detail, and promotes creativity, enabling students to experience the satisfaction of creating something tangible from their own efforts. This not only enhances self-esteem but also instils a sense of responsibility and perseverance.

Through engaging in handwork such as knitting, sewing, weaving, crochet and woodworking, our students develop essential fine motor skills. These activities demand precision and coordination, as students learn to manipulate tools and materials with their hands and fingers – building a strong foundation for handwriting. Woodwork and sculpture also engage gross motor skills, building focus and coordination. Through such diverse experiences, our students gain a balanced skill set that supports both their academic learning and personal growth.

The Arts

Artistic expression is seamlessly woven into our curriculum, allowing students to not only develop academically but also hone their creative and practical abilities.

At Sophia Mundi, all students participate in the aesthetic program of drawing, painting, music and drama. All students attend weekly drawing and painting classes as well as singing and instrumental music tuition.

This emphasis on creativity results in creative individuals with the capacity for self-expression and flexible thinking.

Secondary school classes include tonal drawing, watercolour painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and graphic work, both observational and imaginative.  Art history is taught as a recapitulation of the art and architecture of world cultures.

After many years of steady work, skill building, pleasure and reward, the strongly developed and nurtured will of the student can give practical expression to their emerging individual interests and visions.

Drama is also an integral part of the literacy curriculum. From puppet plays in Prep to solo performances in Secondary school, Sophia Mundi provides a sequenced experience, hosting a play production involving the whole class every year.  Plays are chosen to build on and complement the studies in the classroom, advancing students’ love and respect for language and performance and developing appreciation for the capacities and strengths of each class member.