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At Sophia Mundi, Prep is the first step in a lifelong educational journey. Our program is rich in creative play, sensory exploration, and a deep connection with nature. Our nurturing environment is designed to inspire young minds, fostering their social, emotional, and cognitive development in a setting that encourages balance and harmony. This stage is critical in building confidence, curiosity, and a love for learning.

"In our beautiful classroom the students experience a deeply reassuring rhythm of story times, play times, mealtimes and rest."

The prep program is characterised by the following elements:

  • Creative play and activities are central, fostering imagination and expression.
  • Regular nature exploration and outdoor activities to promote environmental awareness.
  • Introduction of structured activities prepares students for learning and being with others at school.
  • Gentle introduction to literacy and numeracy through stories, songs, poetry and play, building a solid foundation for future learning.
  • Wholesome and nutritious meals are provided each day, and the children sit and eat together 

Developmental Stage

Young children from birth to age seven learn primarily through imitation and purposeful play. At Sophia Mundi, children work, play and learn in a sensory rich environment where educators nurture the young child’s sense of wonder for the world. The first seven years lay a strong foundation for all further learning. We provide a warm, respectful and caring environment where a sense of gratitude, love, reverence and a pervading mood of “goodness in the world” is cultivated. 

The task of the educators is to create a learning space where children can fully engage in the present and enrich the possibilities of creative, imaginative, self-directed play. This environment educates and develops the senses of touch, wellbeing, movement and balance. Once confidence in their physical capacities has been established, children are ready to commence the more formal learning of Primary School. 

Curriculum Themes 

Baking, painting, drawing, modelling and craft activities create a rhythmical week of learning activity, coloured by seasonal moods and festival celebrations. 

Songs, nursery rhymes, stories, puppet plays and the children’s own dramatic play nourish their feeling life, cultivate language skills and strengthen the power of imagination. 

Counting games, finger plays, rhythmic movement games and active physical play help build a strong foundation for mathematics and number skills and develop coordination and the ability to concentrate. 

Natural and beautiful materials like shells, seeds, stones, simple dolls, wooden toys, coloured cloths and play frames encourage a rich fantasy life, creative thinking and opportunities for constructive, cooperative play. 

Children are encouraged to feel at home in their body and the environment through building, swinging, climbing, balancing, digging, water play, gardening and exploring nature.

At Sophia Mundi, our Prep garden looks out over the Collingwood Children’s Farm, so we often have curious calves and friendly horses poking their noses through our fence to say hello.