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Seasonal Festivals & Celebrations

At Sophia Mundi, the rhythm of the year is celebrated through a series of unique seasonal festivals. This is a chance to slow down and appreciate life’s unfurling. These events are a cornerstone of our community life – embodying the Steiner philosophy of harmonising with nature's rhythms. They provide a vibrant platform for students, teachers and the community to engage in meaningful celebrations that mark the changing seasons and their significance in our lives. These festivals and immersion into traditions are enriching educational experiences that deepen students' connection to the natural world, enhance their understanding of cultural traditions and foster a strong sense of community and belonging.

Our festivals change and evolve from year-to-year, below are some details of our past festivities and traditional celebrations: 

Autumn Festival
This festival is a time to celebrate the balance and transition of the season with stories, music and a collective appreciation of nature's bounty. The school community donates an abundance of long-life food supplies to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. 

Winter Festival
A fire festival that brings the whole community together, this event includes a lantern walk and a captivating fire performance from middle school students, accompanied by live music from classes and teachers. It's a time of warmth and light in the heart of winter, fostering community spirit and togetherness.

Spring Festival
Our Spring Festival is filled with dancing, floral garland making and other lively activities. It's a celebration of renewal, growth, and the reawakening of the natural world, embodying the vitality and vibrancy of spring.

Summer Festival
This culmination of the academic year includes a market with stalls set up by each class in the primary school. The middle and senior schools contribute with various performances that conjures festive spirit. It's a joyful and energetic celebration, embracing the warmth and abundance of summer to celebrate the school year. 

Traditional Festivities
As a diverse community we are lucky to have families who offer their time to bring their traditions into class settings. Some classes are led through Diwali celebrations including Henna painting and also Lunar New Year festivities – enjoying mooncakes and cut paper lantern making. 


First Nations Traditions
We deeply value and respect the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Peoples. We are committed to honoring this heritage through daily acknowledgments and comprehensive educational initiatives. Our approach is centered around fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture from the past and present.