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Mission, Vision & Values

Sophia Mundi provides a balanced and enriching education that fosters the whole child's growth. Our educational approach inspires lifelong learning, creativity and critical thinking. We actively support our students to cultivate qualities of compassion and responsibility. We aim to truly equip young people for their engagement with the world and the challenges of this century, by fostering an attitude of learning with purpose and joy. 

We strive to support a consciously created community in which children, parents, teachers and support staff all benefit in their personal journeys as a result of engaging with our unique school. 


Our mission is to educate and enable individuals to become socially responsible contributors to the ongoing well-being of the community and the world.

We are a learning community, where learning goes beyond academic development. At Sophia Mundi, learning is:

  • Personal growth in thinking through acquiring new knowledge, understanding, skills, and capabilities;
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal growth through refining and mastering skills, capabilities and diverse understanding;
  • Growth in our capacity to achieve through increasing challenge, persistence, resilience, passion, and self-determination.

We encourage learners to develop awareness beyond the individual, academic and their immediate community


We strive to create a school that truly equips young people for their engagement with the world and the challenges of this century, by fostering an attitude of learning with purpose and joy.

Sophia Mundi aspires to be an educationally progressive, affordable, co-educational, Steiner-IB World School. We aim to create a unique educational pathway that makes us the school of choice for families seeking holistic, age-appropriate, inspirational, academically rigorous, inquiry-based learning. We are an active participant in a network of like-minded Steiner and IB schools.

Our vision is to:

  • Develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world.
  • Educate for the development and fulfilment of each individual’s unique capacities.
  • Re-invent our understanding of the principles and foundations of Steiner/Waldorf education to meet the needs of our students for a 21st-century education.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of holistic education, empowering each student to discover and realise their full potential. We envisage a learning community thriving on respect, inclusivity and a profound connection with the natural world, shaping a bright future for all.


Our core values include:

Truth: At Sophia Mundi truth is our individual acceptance of what is right and real in the world. It is our striving for knowledge and acceptance of the world through our own and others' perspectives.

Courage: Courage is shown at individual and collective levels, striving to improve. It is shown in our celebrating and respecting our individuality and the individuality of others.

Moral and ethical responsibility: Ethical responsibility is shown by our individual respect for others and all cultures, and through our setting and maintaining high standards for social conduct and positive contribution to the wider community.

Growth: At Sophia Mundi we value Growth. It is shown by our willingness to take on new challenges to put into action decisions for continuing improvement as individuals and as a school.

These values guide everything we do at Sophia Mundi, and our students leave our school as well-rounded individuals prepared to make a meaningful impact in the world.