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Upper Primary (Class 4-6)

The Upper Primary years at Sophia Mundi are a time of expansive growth and deeper academic exploration within the Steiner/Waldorf framework. This stage is tailored to encourage students to develop a keen sense of inquiry, environmental consciousness and an understanding of their role in the community. The curriculum is carefully crafted to foster critical thinking, collaborative learning and a strong sense of self in a nurturing and supportive environment. A new class teacher expertly guides them through this stage.

The Upper Primary program is characterised by: 

  • A rich academic program complemented by creative arts and outdoor education
  • Development of problem-solving skills through interactive and challenging projects
  • Group projects and presentations enhance social, communication, and leadership skills
  • Enhanced engagement in literacy to further cultivate a love for reading 

Class Four

Developmental Stage

Each student begins to explore emerging personal interests, gifts, talents and challenges. The Class Four student’s individuality is celebrated along with the rich diversity of the class community.

Curriculum Themes

Reading chapter books, writing book reports and crafting compositions represent a leap in literacy development. Through the study of Norse myths, students explore various personality traits in dramatic ways. By focusing on animals, nature and local geography, students develop a deep connection and respect for their surroundings. In Class Four, the development of skills in mathematics, French, craft, sport, Eurythmy, woodwork and music continue and deepen. 

Class Five

Developmental Stage

Cognitively, Class Five students approach both their studies and indeed life itself in an increasingly realistic and reasoning manner. Physically, they attain a degree of balance, ease and grace supported by a rich, sports curriculum.

Curriculum Themes

To meet students’ emerging consciousness, the curriculum begins to transition from a focus on mythology to one of recorded history, biography and geography. Tales from Ancient India, Persia and Greece enliven the content. Botany and geography provide a focus for class camps. The beauty of geometry is explored within the mathematics curriculum. Ongoing studies of French language and culture continue, as well as Eurythmy, craft, woodwork. Students participate in the Ancient Greek Olympics, alongside students from other Steiner schools.

Class Six

Developmental Stage

Class Six marks the dawn of adolescence, a time when intellectual consciousness takes root and the student’s feeling perception advances into the world of ideas. Students are now encouraged to think independently as their capacities for critical thinking and objective judgement are cultivated.


A widening curriculum meets and fosters developing capacities for expansive thinking and discernment. Academic pursuits including independent study, ancient history, business mathematics, astronomy and physics all lay foundations for Secondary School. Specialist teachers provide music, sport, Eurythmy, design & technology studies. Students are encouraged to learn another instrument to complement their strong foundation in strings.