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Welcome to Sophia Mundi Steiner School.
Since its founding in 1984, our school has been an integral part of the educational landscape of inner city Melbourne.  Providing an authentic Steiner education, we offer a rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum from preschool through to Year 12.
Steiner/Waldorf schools have been educating students worldwide for over 100 years, and Sophia Mundi is now 30 years old.  As an educational leader, we provide a complete program of academic and artistic courses which develop the creative and critical thinking abilities within each student.  In addition to academics, our students are taught to have reverence for the world and a respect for life. We are the only Steiner school in Australia that offers the unique offering of Steiner pedagogy from early childhood to Year 10 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme for Years 11 & 12.
Our school campus is located on a spectacular 2-hectare site within the Abbotsford Convent arts precinct, overlooking the Yarra River.  This beautiful setting provides the backdrop for a safe, nurturing, educational environment.  Within close proximity we have the Collingwood children’s farm, Studley Park recreational facilities, extensive playing fields and the artistic and health practitioners of the Abbotsford Convent Community. We make full use of our surroundings, with many opportunities for outdoor activities and an extensive range of sport and extra-curricular activities such as visits to the National Gallery, Melbourne University, State Library … all a short tram, train or bicycle ride away.
The best way to experience Sophia Mundi is to come to campus and meet our students and staff.  I look forward to meeting you.

Early Childhood

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Children can experience both the pleasure of solitary play and the rewards of being part of the group.
We understand that during the first seven years the child learns through imitation and must therefore be given that which is worthy of imitation.

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Primary School

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When children enter primary school they are eager to learn. However they are not yet ready for the conceptual academic intellect that develops later on.  What is ready to be exercised is a new capacity for memory, one that is nourished by a rich pictorial, feeling style of thinking.

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Secondary School

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In secondary school, from the age of around 13 – 14 years, specialists in their field teach the students as they are challenged to awaken their capacity for rational judgment and thinking. The curriculum – linked to the National Steiner Curriculum – building on and extending the subjects covered in the primary school

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Senior School – IB Program


Every aspect of the high school experience, from the science lab to the playing courts, from cultural IBlogoexchanges to community service, is viewed not only from the standpoint of academic preparation, but also from its contribution to the student’s developing sense of self.

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Sophia Mundi - Melbourne's Inner City Steiner School, K-12