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Update from Class 3 – Steiner Curriculum

We have had a strong start to Class 3 this year, beginning with what is probably the most famous of all Hebrew Legends, the story of the Seven Days of Creation.IMG_1051 In this story we heard how Seven Heavenly Beings – the Elohim – using the power of their Voices – called forth the Light from the Darkness and thus began the mysterious task of Creating the Heavens and the Earth. On the Seventh Day – as the Legend goes – the Elohim rested from their work and then 6 of them departed, leaving Yahweh of the Elohim in charge of the affairs of the Earth.
From here we have heard stories about the Garden of Eden, brothers Cain and Abel, the Flooding of the Earth and the building of Noah’s Ark and then we have heard stories about the Founders of the Hebrew Faith, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Along the way we have brushed up on our Maths, practiced our form drawing, heard Creation stories from Aboriginal Australia and Old China, tended the School Gardens, run obstacle courses, made bees wax sculptures, painted the Seven Days of Creation, kept journals and learnt many songs.
We had a great adventure to the Royal Botanical Gardens where Vicky – who also runs our playgroup here at school – spent a day with us showing us worms, seedlings, big trees, exotic plants and of course the hot-house where lives a very famous carnivorous flower…
Next term we will begin to talk about Joseph who had a very beautiful coloured coat and learn to measure the world …
Have a fantastic Easter break everyone,
Jonathan on behalf of Class 3

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