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The Chronicle – Spring Fair Edition

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Through the school yard, at the end of the veranda there is a big wooden gate. Behind this gate is the special world of the six year olds. Prep.

This world is full of stories, adventures, creations and fun. Many great works are done here as the children grapple with the complexities of construction. Elaborate cubbies are built with blocks and planks. Mighty rivers with waterfalls and bridges, volcanoes spewing lava, deep mines searching for treasure or tree roots, rocky valleys and complex roadways. Under the peppercorn trees, cafes are serving tea and cakes. Down past the Guinea pig’s house elaborate constructions are being created on the workbench with hammers and nails. Around the vegetable garden tubs the hunt goes on on for an assortment of creatures; slaters, snails, harlequin bugs to be gathered up gently and raised as pets. Down at the bottom of the garden there are baby chickens to watch and observe how their mother teaches them. On the tyre swing three children can ride or maybe four whilst others wait their turn. Up on the decking circle games are played, skipping ropes come out and hoops also. Inside there is the wonderful smell of baking and the busy life of the kitchen whilst stories are played out around the room. There are newly made clay dragons and caterpillers drying on the bench and yards of finger knitting produced for our rug. Intricate negotiations are carried on over rules of play and flow of stories and at times quiet rest fills the room. Outside the windows cows and sheep, horses and goats go about there daily lives and on the roof the peacocks strut about looking in the high windows. Through all of this richness or experience the children learn.

Mary Howell

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