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Steiner schools rising in popularity Australia-wide

Steiner schools rising in popularity Australia-wide

The following Article was written by Samantha Turnbull for ABC on October 7 Steiner schools are rising in popularity across Australia with three new schools built in as many years, lengthy waiting lists, and the introduction of a degree in Steiner education at a Queensland university. Australia’s first Steiner, also known as Waldorf, school opened […]

Color in the Waldorf School

Color in the Waldorf School

In old Hawai’i, when a rainbow appeared in the sky, the people declared that a divine presence was near and that it was a sign of “heavenly footsteps” coming to light on the earth. Many cultures, including the Judeo-Christian tradition, see the naturally occurring spectrum of colors as a “token of the covenant between God […]

The Latest Farming Trend That’s Better Than Organic – Steiner Education

The Latest Farming Trend That’s Better Than Organic – Steiner Education

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about biodynamic farming before (developed in 1924, it isn’t exactly new). But what exactly makes biodynamic farms different from other sustainable growers? In her new book, Farmacology, Daphne Miller, MD, explores the benefits of biodynamic farming for you and for the environment. The simplest way to picture a […]

The human being as seen by the spiritual science of Anthroposophy

It is justified to speak of Rudolf Steiner’s art of education. In every kindergarten and school it is the educators and teachers who realise this art of education. Each kindergarten and school in each country has its own distinctive way of practicing this art of education. The conditions and circumstances vary from country to country […]

Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm – Alternative Education

Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm Research reveals negative effects of academic preschools and kindergartens. Post published by Peter Gray on May 05, 2015 in Freedom to Learn Source: Google images approved for reuse Many preschool and kindergarten teachers have told me that they are extremely upset—some to the point of being ready to resign—by […]

Making art tied to fewer cognitive problems in old age – alternative education

  Making Art Tied to Fewer Cognitive Problems in Old Age A Mayo Clinic study finds decades spent on creative work pay off. Tom Jacobs Apr 9, 2015 (Photo: Tjasa Car/Shutterstock) Are you concerned about developing thinking and memory problems in old age? Research suggests there are ways to increase the odds you will stay […]

Happy Mother’s Day! The Weekly Review writes about Rae Hart, Sophia Mundi’s Eurythmy Teacher

Rae Hart Mum of international models Jessica & Ashley Hart Rae, Jessica and Ashley. Photo: Hart family Rae Hart clearly remembers the moment a few years ago when she realised how far her oldest daughter, Jessica, had come in her modelling career. Rae was on her way to a conference in Switzerland and stepped off […]

Update from Class 3 – Steiner Curriculum

CLASS 3 TERM 1 We have had a strong start to Class 3 this year, beginning with what is probably the most famous of all Hebrew Legends, the story of the Seven Days of Creation. In this story we heard how Seven Heavenly Beings – the Elohim – using the power of their Voices – […]