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The Beginnings of Sophia Mundi: Doing the Good – Steiner Education

The Beginnings of Sophia Mundi: Doing the Good – Steiner Education

Seeds: Infant Welfare Sisters, Margaret Piper and Joan Salter’s work moved parents to long for a wholesome education for their children. Friends, Judy Abbot and Judy Weatherhead listened when Joseph Chiltern-Pearce suggested that only Steiner education could meet their children’s needs. Others had met Rudolf Steiner’s ideas in relation to their own spiritual searching, or […]

No Homework – Alternative Education Programs

A very interesting story on homework in the Primary years and whether it is the best use of children’s time.

Color in the Waldorf School

Color in the Waldorf School

In old Hawai’i, when a rainbow appeared in the sky, the people declared that a divine presence was near and that it was a sign of “heavenly footsteps” coming to light on the earth. Many cultures, including the Judeo-Christian tradition, see the naturally occurring spectrum of colors as a “token of the covenant between God […]

The human being as seen by the spiritual science of Anthroposophy

It is justified to speak of Rudolf Steiner’s art of education. In every kindergarten and school it is the educators and teachers who realise this art of education. Each kindergarten and school in each country has its own distinctive way of practicing this art of education. The conditions and circumstances vary from country to country […]

How to: Start a Kitchen Garden-Alternative Education Programs

Tending to a kitchen garden and producing family meals from them, can be a great way for children to understand and enjoy healthy eating, says Robyn Cook. The schools-based Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is designed to be implemented with a school’s curriculum, in which students across Years 3 to 7 learn everything they need […]

Education: The Steiner Approach – Steiner School – Alternative Schools Melbourne

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, artist and scientist. He founded his first school in Stuttgart in 1919 after a request from the owner of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory on behalf of employees and their children. From this initial social impulse after the First World War, Steiner/Waldorf schools have spread to more […]

Update from Class 3 – Steiner Curriculum

CLASS 3 TERM 1 We have had a strong start to Class 3 this year, beginning with what is probably the most famous of all Hebrew Legends, the story of the Seven Days of Creation. In this story we heard how Seven Heavenly Beings – the Elohim – using the power of their Voices – […]