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Primary Outdoor Education – Alternative Education Programs

Primary Outdoor Education

Our primary school outdoor program focuses on the main lessons the children are doing in class. We integrate learning with nature based play and challenging the student by being exposed to the environment that they are in. To each camp students bring their skills from their past experience which develops their comfort in nature.

One of my favourite things about our program is that it exposes children to a new world and I get to experience their reaction to first time events in their lives, it may be the first time they have slept away from home or the first time they sleep in a tent. For some it may be the first time they have been able to explore nature freely.

This year we were on our Astronomy camp for class 6. We spent the days walking and exploring the natural landscape of caves and rocks. The night time is where the camp really came alive. The students excitedly got their pyjamas on and sleeping bags from their tent and then would spread out or bunch up next to their friends on a tarp under the stars. Through the night air stories about the stars and formations in the sky were told as they gazed. One student loved laying out on the tarp so much that he slept out under the stars for the next few nights, this experience is so unique to our students.

Jen Gibson



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