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Prep Garden and new Playground

Teams of parents, staff and friends worked superbly towards the move of our Prep garden from Nicholson St to St Marys over the March – July period 2012.  We've now moved Prep and the Prep garden to their lovely new location adjacent the Collingwood Childrens Farm. Our 18 working bees last year were a great success and we are enojying a year with a "normal" number of working bees.

We also finished our work on the main playground and what was the derelict swimming pool.  The big climbing frame has been completed and the new community meeting space has been finished after lots of work from parents, friends and the team of champion contractors who have turned Greg Burgess' amazing vision for the community meeting space into a reality.  Many thanks for all your help at all of our long working bees during this year so far.

More information about the new facilities is provided on our new facilities page

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