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Parents’ College – Week 7


We started the meeting with our usual introductions but added the question “How did you come to Anthroposophy and Sophia Mundi? It was so great and revealing hearing everyone’s story; we all appear to have come through a number of pathways that were forged by Steiner (see below). Mostly we had a sense of coming home, we have found our place of support and community.

After the introductions and stories, Michael drew them as a diagram on the blackboard and there was more discussion on the education and how we are teaching our children and preparing them for the times we are now living in, IE being an individual in a world of materialism and global expectation which is happening in mainstream schools.


We also talked about being a village and community and the Camp Hills around the world and how Steiner gave 12 lectures and out of this impulse came the education and the schools.


The Soul is within us and is unaffected by the material eg children with special needs or health challenges if looked at this way and treated accordingly will have a more positive result and better outcomes or quality of life.

Michael also gave a couple of quotes:

1. Anthroposophy is a pathway of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the Universe. Anthroposophia is a  being who lives between human beings

Michael broke this down Anthropo being Man and Sophia being Wisdom (Greek translation) but from the feminine (Sophia), which brings a deeper meaning to the space between individuals, this can be a collective soul/consciousness/love.

2. The Anthroposophical Society is to be an association of  people whose will it is to care for the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world. 

Jennifer expanded on the individual with an example of Class 1’s first main lesson in numbers, with the question being asked to the children “What is the biggest number?” which would be answered as millions, gazillions etc and the awe and wonder that follows when told it’s the number One. One being us as an individual human being, and the world’s within us, and One being the world itself, being one whole and then introducing the number Two, two eyes, ears etc and an another. But ultimately we are all one in a world of many.

This is really the skeleton of the discussion which was much richer, fuller and truly inspiring.

Michelle and Brigitte will be hosting next weeks session and it will be on Love. Self as an individual and between other ie the space between individuals.

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