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Parents’ College – Week 6

Term 2 Planning


This week was more planning and organisational.

Matt led and facilitated the discussion. He summarised the feedback and thoughts from people from the end of Term 1. Some key points were:

  • There was strong interest and enjoyment from those that had attended sessions in Term 1
  • Strong desire to see it continue; even from those that had not yet had a chance to join
  • Validation of the model of a topic each week, short presentation or lesson, group discussion and some practical exercise or activity
  • Praise and gratitude for Brigitte, Michael and Matt for holding the space and curating the experiences
  •  Gratitude and appreciation to the school to allow us to learn and be together within the school environment

We then discussed the challenges of:

  • Content and topics – mix of interest in more Steiner education and anthroposophical information balanced with a desire to remain accessible and not alienating parents (we want this to be judgement free and inclusive)
  • Timing – Thursdays and mornings don’t work for everyone, but is any other day better or will we just have the same problems?
  • Sustainability – we need to grow the presenter and hosts beyond Brigitte, Michael and Matt

We had a lovely discussion about what worked in Term 1 being the easy way new topic naturally emerged and the value of the experience and approach the current hosts had developed along the way. We finally resolved to:

  1. Just plan out as far as the current Term and then review again
  2. We will hold Parents College at same time and place for Thursdays but also try for 2 evening events this Term
  3. We will grow the ‘hosting’ group this Term by one of Matt, Michael or Brigitte hosting a session each week and having a new ‘helper’ to assist in planning and running. Matt, Michael and Brigitte will talk together after each session to do ‘handover’ and continuity

We also discussed some potential new topics and ideas, which give us much to work with over the term.

Michael is available next week before travelling, so he will host next week’s session will give some background to the history and philosophy underpinning Steiner education with the theme “Anthroposophy – What is it ?”

Tatiana is going to be Michael’s helper for the week. Thank you Tatiana!

We also discussed an introductory documentary, called The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner. Linked for those interested in learning more.

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