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Parents’ College Week 2

The Rubicon


This word Rubicon is often used in a Steiner school and refers to a time (age 8 -12) where the children experience a change in their relationship between themselves and others. What else happens at this time?

An emergence of individuality – a separation between self and the world of nature, family and friends.

the opening of an ‘inner world’ of thoughts, feelings, questions and often doubts.

Tension between inner and outer, contrasting emotions

Growing self-assertion, questioning authority, tendency to criticise

it is often a challenging time for parents and the class and after some requests last week we decided to take up this topic as our theme.

And don’t think the rubicon is just an issue for children! – this is so relevant for us and our lives and relationships as adults… we will do some practical exercises to understand this change in consciousness and what it means for us as well





Our Principal, Fiona Cock , suggested two documents about the Rubicon worth reading, both are linked here:

Paradise Lost

Steiner Curriculum Overview

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