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Parents College – Notes for Hosts

Thank you so much for agreeing to help as part of the expanded team on the Parents’ College.

Below is a set of short notes on the things you could do to prepare for your hosted session

Prior to the day

  • contact the presenter for the session and see if there is any special introduction they wish you to make
  • prepare and bring a small posy of flowers and/or a candle to place in the centre of the circle

On the day, before 9am,

  • get keys to the Cottage from Tania or Ella at School Office.
  • Open the space, move tables away and place chairs into a circle
  • Place lit candle and flowers in the centre of the circle

On the day, after 9am, when you feel the time is right you can start the College Meeting. Feel free to use your own style to incorporate the following

  • introductions from each person in the group – name, child/ren at the school and if they want, what they hope to gain from coming along
  • reminder that we wish to create a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental space and that personal stories discussed in the session should are private and not shared outside the group
  • create an awareness of the space and energy in the room together; bring attention to the breathing and stillness

At the end of the session

  • please take a photo of anything on the whiteboard and the candle/flowers to use on the website.
  • Please send a short summary to of what was covered and any references to any text or poems that were referred to (see previous Parents College pages here for guidance)

Thank you again for helping in the development of the Parents’ College