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New Students enjoy School Experience

New Students enjoy School Experience

New students Hector and Violetta Capanni are settling into Sophia Mundi Steiner School, and mum Anna Foley and dad Andrea Capanni couldn’t be happier.

An artist by profession and a connector at heart, Anna was initially attracted to Steiner Education when she experienced Sophia Mundi’s connection to beauty, creativity and music.

Anna has lauded the praises of the School Tour (conducted by Principal Fiona Cock) and the positive enrolment process (handled by Registrar Tania Sarmas).

“I was touched at the deepest level when, during the school tour, Fiona expressed the school’s connection to the earth and emphasised its respect for the heritage of the land,” said Anna, who feels that the connection expressed at Sophia Mundi is authentic and not a simply a theory.

“The enrolment experience was a very positive experience too. We felt vulnerable and a little nervous about changing schools, but thanks to Tania Sarmas, Sophia Mundi’s Registrar, it was handled beautifully,” she adds.

Previously educated at a Montessori School, the children are now enjoying a new way of learning. “Creativity, music and nature are woven into the learning experience and it is very motivating for our children. In fact, Hector and Violetta started practising their music back in August to become school ready,” says Anna.

“We are a sensitive family and I feel that Sophia Mundi Steiner School is a place where my family can grow.”

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