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Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Our Child Protection Personnel

Fiona Cock

Madonna Holmes
Behaviour Management & Extra Lesson Teacher

Raquel McConnell
Student Welfare, Careers

Jonathan Shaw                            Class 5 Teacher

Early Childhood Teachers

Vicky Stock
Playgroup Leader

Rene McKay
Prep Teacher

Edna Maloney
Prep Assistant

Lola Kalinski-Digaletos
Prep Teacher & Assistant

Primary Teachers & Assistants

Pam Tonkin
Class 1 Teacher

Christina Kakris
Class 2 Teacher

Ramana Dean
Class 3 Teacher

Michael Caterer
Class 4 Teacher

Jonathan Shaw
Class 5 Teacher

Elizabeth Morrell
Head of Primary School & Class 6 Teacher

Madonna Holmes
Behaviour Management, Extra Lesson Teacher

Ellen Brown
Primary Teacher & Middle School Music

Krissy Agostini
Teachers Assistant

Jude Walker

Lila Mann
Aftercare Assistant

Music Teachers & Tutors

Myfanwy (Min) Hunter
Music Co-ordinator & Viola

Naomi Durston

Gerard Mapstone

Chien-Hsiu Ong

Christopher Roache
IB Music & Voice

Shane Rohde
Piano Accompaniment

Ariel Valent

Nicolas Slaney
Piano Teacher

Rachel Kim

Alister Barker

Secondary & Specialist Teachers

Emma Gillette
Year 7 Guardian & Design Technology

Rohan Vicars
Year 9 Guardian
IB & Secondary English

Ashley Dufty
IB Co-ordinator
Head of Senior School

Katherine Ellis
Year 10 Guardian
Physical Education

Teresa Martin
Primary French

Raquel McConnell
Student Welfare, Careers

Nikki Fletcher
Primary Craft &
Playgroup Leader

Maree Cross
Craft & Textiles

Dr. Amanda Colebrook
IB Biology &
IB Chemistry

John Rauris
Secondary & IB Maths, Science

Kelly Papas

Nicolas Andreatta
Year 7 Guardian & Outdoor Education

Elizabeth Chandler
Year 9 Guardian & Outdoor Education

Madeleine Mejak
Outdoor Education

Robert Stemp
Secondary Art, Maths & Science

Nikolas Sakellaropoulos
Secondary &
IB Maths/
Year 6/7 Latin

Katherine Connolly
IB & Secondary English/Drama

Michelle Zuccolo
IB Visual Art

Peter Henderson
Assistant Principal

Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator

Clotilde Berryman
Year 8 Guardian
IB & Secondary French

Marcela Nievas
IB & Class 10 Spanish

Katina Kondos
Engagement & Enrichment
(Numeracy Specialist Primary Maths)

Dr Leia Wren
IB Environmental Science

Ross Richards
IB Maths, Secondary Maths & Science

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