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Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Our Child Protection Personnel

Fiona Cock

Raquel McConnell
Student Welfare, Careers

Madonna Holmes
Behaviour Management, Extra Lesson Teacher

Early Childhood Teachers

Vicky Stock
Playgroup Leader

Rene McKay
Prep Teacher

Edna Maloney
Prep Assistant

Lola Kalinski-Digaletos
Prep Teacher & Assistant

Primary Teachers & Assistants

Pam Tonkin
Class 1 Teacher

Christina Kakris
Class 2 Teacher

Ramana Dean
Class 3 Teacher

Michael Caterer
Class 4 Teacher

Jonathan Shaw
Class 5 Teacher & Class 8 English Teacher

Elizabeth Morrell
Class 6 Teacher

Madonna Holmes
Behaviour Management, Extra Lesson Teacher

Ellen Brown
Primary Teacher & Middle School Music

Krissy Agostini
Teachers Assistant

Jude Walker

Lila Mann
Aftercare Assistant & Piano Tutor

Music Teachers & Tutors

Myfanwy (Min) Hunter
Music Co-ordinator & Viola

Naomi Durston

Gerard Mapstone

Chien-Hsiu Ong

Christopher Roache
IB Music & Voice

Shane Rohde
Piano Accompaniment

Ariel Valent

Nicolas Slaney
Piano Teacher

Secondary & Specialist Teachers

Emma Gillette
Class 7 Guardian & Design Technology

Rohan Vicars
IB & Secondary English/Drama

Ashley Dufty
IB Co-ordinator
Head of Senior School

Katherine Ellis
Class 10 Guardian
Physical Education

Teresa Martin
Primary French

Raquel McConnell
Student Welfare, Careers

Nikki Fletcher
Primary Craft &
Playgroup Leader

Maree Cross
Craft & Textiles

Dr. Amanda Colebrook
IB Biology &
IB Chemistry

John Rauris
Secondary Maths & Science

Kelly Papas

Nicolas Andreatta
Class 7 Guardian & Outdoor Education

Elizabeth Chandler
Class 9 Guardian & Outdoor Education

Madeleine Mejak
Outdoor Education

Robert Stemp
Secondary Art, Maths & Science

Nikolas Sakellaropoulos
Secondary &
IB Maths/
Class 6/7 Latin

Katherine Connolly
IB & Secondary English/Drama

Michelle Zuccolo
IB Visual Art

Peter Henderson
Assistant Principal

Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator

Clotilde Berryman
IB & Secondary French

Marcela Nievas
IB & Class 10 Spanish

Katina Kondos
Engagement & Enrichment
(Numeracy Specialist Primary Maths)

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