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Lecture with Lisa Romero this Saturday – Alternative Education Programs

Living on the edge

Crossing the Threshold

Working out of the future

Friday 29th-Sunday 31st August

The Christian Community

319 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria

Conference Programme and Content


Humanity over the Threshold
The changing thresholds of our time – do we have the courage to cross?
Marcus Cox

The Inner Work path, Meditation and Crossing the Threshold
The inner work leads to crossing the threshold in a certain stages. This is essential if we wish to clearly see the path of evolution and connect with the spirits of progression that support humanity.
Lisa Romero

The Fifth Ether – The Crucible of Freedom between Human Beings
On our human journey we create a new world ether by becoming Apocalyptic and risking freedom.
Lisa Devine

Heart Map: The Future Evolution of the Physiology of the Heart
The Grail saga continues…
Marcus Cox

The Crisis in Education as a picture of the Threshold in Society

Understanding the new constitution of our children.

The imagination has the power to fulfil the activity of the nervous system and heal the anxiety epidemic of our time. The imaginations in the blood bring life to the nervous system without which the forces of death take hold of our culture. This workshop will be practical as well as theoretical.

Marcus Cox and Lisa Devine


Crossing Thresholds through Birth and Death

Our human journey on earth is experienced between those two doorways, so we will tell stories and explore what happens at these threshold for everyone involved, in body, soul and spirit.
Cheryl Nekvapil

Stages of the Inner Work path

Each meditation and inner exercise reflects the unfolding steps that are needed to have a living relationship to the higher worlds; they also prepare the soul for the various expressions of the spiritual worlds. This is also a practical workshop in which we will attempt various exercises and contemplate their effects and our individual relationship towards them. “Man must become a partaker of the spirit in order to carry its revelations into the physical world. He transforms the earthly by implanting in it what he has ascertained in the spiritual world that is his task. It is only because the physical world is dependent upon the spiritual and because man can work upon the earth, in a true sense, only if he is a partaker in those worlds in which the creative forces like concealed. Only for these reasons should he have to desire to ascend to the higher worlds.”R.S
Lisa Romero

Two Ways of Crossing the Threshold

Exploring Phenomena and Experiences related to the Inner- and/or Outer Threshold

“… It goes without saying that when our soul and spirit leave the bodily sheath, they go through the senses. We go through the external senses therefore in an outward direction, through the sense of taste, sight, warmth, hearing, speech, thinking and ego. Later we shall see whither we go when we penetrate the other boundary where the senses open themselves to what is within, press inwards. …” RS, 1920

Steiner differentiates two different meditative paths:The Mystic and the Ecstatic Path. Usually, only Mystic Path practices come to mind if people think about meditation. But Ecstatic or Shamanistic practices are preparing for crossing the outer Threshold just like Mystic practices prepare for crossing the inner.
Contemporary difficulties of crossing the threshold unprepared could be better understood by applying the idea of two thresholds leading differently towards transpersonal experiences.
The approach is inspired by exercises from “How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation”.
The workshop works best if theme relevant life experiences are shared.
Karl-Heinz Finke

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