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Inspired Learning Projects Class 7-10 – Sophia Mundi Steiner School

Inspired Learning Projects Class 7-10 – Sophia Mundi Steiner School

Our Inspired Learning Projects for classes 7, 8,9 10 have finished for term 1. We gathered in the Maths room on Tuesday afternoon to present our work and talk about our the inspirations and ideas the  help to identify us as people living and working in this beautiful place. Each class explored the local area with their teacher to find inspiration for their work together. The classes included song-writing, drama production, basket-weaving , perspective painting and sport activities. The combined exhibitions made for an astonishing insight into how we see ourselves in this time and place. We are looking forward to a new round of project workshops in term 2.


As we stand on the hill, looking out,

we can see the layers of people’s lives through time.

The landscape shaped by Bunjil , with its trees and river.

The Convent and its memories of the girls and women.

The modern city, made up of its squares and straight lines,

its tall buildings reaching up into the sky. 

And there in the sky Bunjil can still be seen,

soaring high over the river

and wondering who is listening to his whispering.

He continues his creating, with those who can hear him.

But it’s a subtle speaking and you have to listen well to hear his voice.

And so, let us sit peaceful beneath the prayer tree,

composing prayer for calm in our lives,

knowing that we are all connected,

by friendship, community and ultimately by place.

This is where we live our days and work; it is part of who we are.

                                                (from Perpsective Painting with Robert Stemp)


Benedict Darby

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