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IB Educational Approach

  The IB Diploma Programme

For the next three weeks our science laboratories will be transformed into examination rooms for the Year 12 students who are just about to complete their two year journey through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

As the only school in Australia to offer both Steiner education and the IB Diploma, Sophia Mundi students are uniquely equipped to enter and participate in the wider community after high school. The experiential learning and sense of wonder the students have developed through Steiner education up to Year 10 allows them to grasp the concepts and content taught in the range of Diploma subjects offered at SMSS. Through their participation in the IB Diploma Programme, students have been able to not only learn the content in their individual subjects, but explore the question of ‘how do we know’ through their Theory of Knowledge class, as well as ‘how do I use my talents and time to remain healthy and help the communities around me?’ through the Creative, Action and Service (CAS) programme. All of these facets of the SMSS IB programme help develop our graduates into thinking, responsible and balanced young people who are equipped to engage with the world in a meaningful and creative way no matter what path they choose to walk after leaving the school.

Ashley Dufty

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