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How The Small Child Benefits From Daily Repititions – Alternative education programs

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“Hi everybody,

Anna The Parent speaking!

I feel like telling you that todays’ subject about embracing rhythm and routines in the daily life with children has had a great impact on my own life – ever since I became a parent to my first child almost 12 years ago. The truth is that it wasn’t easy for neither me nor the father; we were used to being just us. I was raised to pursue whatever I wanted out of life, and I wasn’t prepared for the vast feeling of having to let go of my personal freedom – entirely.

And after the heart opening, chaotic and more or less sleepless first 3 months of parenthood, beginning to lead a very rhytmical life all of a sudden was actually quite provoking to both of us. For years, we had been used to eat whenever we were hungry and sleep when we felt tired enough. And we liked it that way.

So having to live a routinized  life all because of a little, loud, energetic (and of course amazing) boy was a big and unexpected surprise to us. But at the same time it became obvious to us that it was necessary for our little son, as even small changes in the everyday rhythm – especially around sleep -could result in tantrums and frustrations.

Children are born without a clear sleeping pattern, and of all people, we (The Newborn Parents) had to be the guides. It was challenging and demanded a great deal of focus from us because we were so new at everything. So we had to begin to change our selves by changing our way of thinking and acting, little by little, as we grew as parents.

Meeting Helle when our first son attended her Kindergarten Nokken confirmed so many things for me personally. In the years that followed she ended up being my informal Childhood Mentor as she inspired me deeply on the path to parenthood. And yes, including understanding the benefits of embracing rhythm and routine in the life with children.

I Know Life

What I have learned now is that keeping the hours and doing daily repetitions actually settles the mind of the child. Because when life is recognizable, it is also safe. Both our sons have thrived in the Kindergarten because of this: they never had to worry about what would happen next or who would take care of them, and they felt safe to play a lot, and to explore and conquer the world, because their small world was ‘framed’ and easy to understand. It was clearly a safe and good place full of possibilites and wonders.

Rhythms can easily be Integrated into the everyday life at home, too- and your children will love it.

You And Your Children Probably Have Your Own Favourite Routines Such As:

  • singing the same songs
  • reading the same favourite stories again and again
  • going for the same walks
  • visiting the same shops and groceries
  • tucking in your child the same way and with the same favourite teddy bear
  • your very own dinner rituals
  • your family rituals around celebrations

– And so on.”

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