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Happy Wanderings…Sophia Mundi Outdoor Education Program

Happy Wanderings…Sophia Mundi Outdoor Education Program

If you were asked to justify the actions of your life to others, where would you begin?

If you were dedicated to making positive connections with nature, cultivating purposeful interactions and meaningful explorations in the field, could you explained that clearly?

My world finds the joy in ordinary things and believes in living simply. So what is Outdoor Education at Sophia Mundi and what does it take to create the magic and meaningful moments?

Sunday nights are turbulent times for students and parents, fumbling about packing and looking for lost sleeping mats or sorting out straight tent pegs. It’s a time when butterflies of excitement unnerve even the most resilient of kids and the panic of anticipated events can derail one’s confidence. This is usually compounded by a restless and sleep deprived night. Even when excited.

The trip has been planned, weather checked and supplies loaded. We are off. Any remaining pent up worries are released by the ever present camaraderie, the building of mutual trust and friendships amongst people who have grown together through shared experiences. Like any happy family, arguments will arise and quarrels will percolate but you had better find a way forward because those people will still be there tomorrow. True contentment comes from recognising and accepting the social and emotional frameworks of the experience and working towards a world of harmony.

When the sun shines, people are happy but deeply unaware. Inevitably, the weather turns and the cold winds arrive. Rain pours and it is then that we become present. Cramped and restrictive tents challenge the psyche, there is nowhere to escape. Meals, although prepared lovingly, offer mostly sustenance above bliss. It is daydreams and quiet reflections are encouraged, rather than busy activities or continuous entertainment. These are the simple facts of any trip.

Education in the outdoors is however not an aimless affair. We wish to cultivate a quest of learning and exploration. Across the program, we work hard to weave together a journey that develops a caring consciousness within each spirit. Immersed in the vastness of natures wisdom, we develop new perspectives in new landscapes. It is beyond the valuable libraries of human intellect that the opportunities to observe and inquire into one’s own understandings through Experiential Learning is possible. It is safer and easier to stay home, lock the door and turn on the screen but life is far more valuable when we truly live it. Life is greater than any teaching, greater than any teacher. So embrace the Journey and seek the moments of unscripted magic…

Amongst the mist and magpie song, it dawns breaking warmth that marks another beautiful day and all the while the resonance of children’s play reminds us of an ancient truth…

Life as it has always been.

Happy wanderings to you.

Ben Dupuche
Outdoor Education

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