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Happy Mother’s Day! The Weekly Review writes about Rae Hart, Sophia Mundi’s Eurythmy Teacher

Rae Hart

Mum of international models Jessica & Ashley Hart

Rae, Jessica and Ashley. Photo: Hart family
Rae, Jessica and Ashley. Photo: Hart family

Rae Hart clearly remembers the moment a few years ago when she realised how far her oldest daughter, Jessica, had come in her modelling career. Rae was on her way to a conference in Switzerland and stepped off a train at Basel station to see a line of taxis outside the concourse.

“On each taxi door was this beautiful photo of Jessica. Gosh, it was an incredible moment. As I travelled more I’d see her face on billboards in New York and Rome and London and I realised the velocity of Jessica’s career,” Rae says.

She is equally proud of younger daughter, Ashley, a successful model and yoga teacher in Los Angeles.

“Ashley started playing soccer when she was 12 and after only a term she was asked to try out for the state team. And then she was determined to become a yoga teacher and achieved that,” Rae says.

“My key advice to my daughters has always been to have the confidence to be themselves and that you aren’t dished out anything in life that you can’t handle. It develops who you are and who you become.”

Rae raised her daughters as a single mother from when Jessica was two years old and while pregnant with Ashley. While times were tough financially, Rae made sure her children felt loved and safe.

“I’d get the cheapest rental property I could and I’d paint the walls white and polish the boards and make our home beautiful. Jessica bought me the house I live in now so I no longer had to worry about renting,” says Rae, who teaches art in Steiner schools.

“They loved me putting them to bed. I’d tuck them in, read a story and get them to visualise a beautiful garden or beach to relax them. They still love me tucking them into bed!”

Though Jess now lives in New York, Ashley in LA and Rae in Melbourne, the family remains close, and enjoy dinners and sleepovers whenever they can.

“There is nothing nicer than enjoying a nice glass of wine and conversation with my girls,” Rae says.

“My mother was killed in a car accident when I was 19. So on Mother’s Day my sisters, brother and I and our children meet to celebrate the love of our mum, and I always feel grateful for my two beautiful daughters.”

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