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Student Welfare

Student Welfare

At the heart of our values as a school community is our warm inclusiveness. Sophia Mundi acknowledges and values the diversity of its student population as central to creating a positive and inclusive school culture. We foster an inclusive and caring community mindedness built on active and meaningful student participation throughout all aspects of the school day. No school is without its conflicts, but at Sophia Mundi, even between individuals of very different perspectives and values, an atmosphere of kindness and tolerance prevails.

Sophia Mundi actively invites the involvement of parents and families in the welfare and education of their children. Discussion with parents is a natural extension of the teacher’s day. We believe in community and that a sense of cooperation and mutual understanding between teacher and parent is a key element in nurturing a student’s well being and finding their potential. Keys to successful partnerships with parents/families include:

•Ensuring all parents are aware of the school’s Student Engagement Policy
•Conducting effective school-to-home and home-to-school communications
•Providing volunteer opportunities to enable parents/guardians and students to contribute
•Involving families with homework and other curriculum-related activities
•Involving families as participants in school decision-making
•Coordinating resources and services from the community for families, students and the school
•Providing opportunities to enhance parenting knowledge and skills.

Sophia Mundi’s Student Engagement Policy includes preventative and early intervention strategies to support student engagement and address individual barriers to learning. Prevention strategies are designed to reduce any risk factors that may contribute to attendance or behavioral issues. They are based on the school’s knowledge of the community and students’ needs and therefore provide a solid platform for inclusive educational provision. To ensure proper care, safety and protection of its students Sophia Mundi has a Child Protection policy.

Sophia Mundi has a Welfare Officer to support class teachers and class guardians in responding to individual students who require additional emotional assistance and support. A comprehensive understanding of the whole-school community and of the wellbeing and/or learning issues that students may be experiencing provides the foundation for an inclusive and positive school culture.

For students with special needs, support lessons are available with specialist support teachers. Regular meetings are held between support teachers, class teachers and parents surrounding the learning needs of students with special needs. Special programmes are also planned that can involve whole school structures as well as classroom based approaches. Programme support groups including the parent/carer may be formed to develop individual learning plans. Support education remains a priority for government funding and Sophia Mundi continues to develop as a particularly effective provider in this area.

Linking with the local community gives Sophia Mundi access to an extended network of community members and professionals and educators who can provide expertise and experience that can build the capacity of schools and teachers to respond to the needs of their students

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