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Senior School

Senior Secondary School (Classes 11 & 12)

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop individuals who are able, out of their own initiative, to impart purpose and direction on their lives.” – Rudolf Steiner

The holistic elements and personal challenges in the Steiner middle school curriculum prepare the young adult for the kind of self-motivated, original, focused work required in the International Baccalaureate. At Sophia Mundi we are proud of our senior secondary students and the focused, responsible and ethical way they go about their final two years of school. Having had their intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs nurtured, class 11 and 12 students are more able to engage with the challenge of their final years with clarity of mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to educate to whole person towards a freedom of thought and action

Young people at this stage may be asking questions such as what is it that is coming toward me? What do I need? What is real, what is true, how do I know? It is with these questions in mind that we teach the Theory of Knowledge in Classes 11 and 12.

The International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year pre-university course, which leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. With its emphasis on providing a balanced and broad based curriculum with relevance to the youth of today, students learn to live in society rather than learning a collection of facts.

The Secondary School Programme, covering both the class 7-10 period and the senior school classes 11-12 describes the curriculum in more detail.