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Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plan

Strategic Plan, School Improvement Plan and Annual Reports

Our vision is to empower students so they meet the future out of a sense of inner freedom and purpose.

We are creating a place where all members of our community – the children, the teachers, the parents and the supporting staff – can develop their latent capacities and talents, unfolding who they truly are, and take their place in society ready to choose their path to the future.

We strive to create a community that truly equips young people for their engagement with the world and the challenges of this century, by fostering an attitude of learning with purpose and joy.

We believe that if we do this well our community and its members will flourish and our school will be a leader in education, nationally and globally.

Strategic Plan

The Board and Management Team have a strategic plan for the school that documents the underlying direction for the school over a 10 year time frame.

School Improvement Plan

Our school must continually be nurtured and renewed. This can be done only by striving for clarity of vision and understanding of reality, by taking the necessary actions with integrity and courage, and by working together out of warmth of heart and compassion.

Our School Improvement Plan embodies the current expression of an ongoing conversation among our school community, presenting:

• Our highest vision of our school

• Our ethos/values and the structure and relationships between the different bodies within our school which are the means by which realise our vision

•Our goals and actions which are the concrete and measured steps we take, report on and review

• How the conversation will be continually reviewed and renewed

• How the School will meet its legal and regulatory obligations.

Our School Improvement Plan is both an internal guiding document and the means by which we ensure our external regulatory obligations are met.

The intended audiences are current and prospective school community members, other schools in Australia and overseas, and regulatory bodies

   Sophia Mundi Steiner School –  SIP 2017-19        

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019 & Chronicle 2019 – (2019 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2018 & Chronicle 2018  – (2018 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2017 & Chronicle 2017(2017 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2016 & Chronicle 2016 – (2016 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2015 & Chronicle 2015 – (2015 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2014 & Chronicle 2014 – (2014 Audited Financial Statements)

Annual Report 2013 – (2013 Audited Financial Statements)


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