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PFA Meeting Minutes – 18 July 2013

PFA Meeting – 18/7/13 – Brief Minutes and Actions


Deneille Elkington, Sam Mendelsohn, Poppy Lancashire, Tal Souleiman, Matt Deeble, Tatiana Kirkpatrick (skype), Fiona Cock, Robin Dexter (RD), Rowan Doyle

President and Treasurer Report

DE advised $350 available in PFA account with further funds still to come from last Slow Food event

Account currently has DE and Luisa as signatories, DE has arranged bank information to be sent to the school and needs to arrange for all PFA correspondence to be filed at the school. (ACTION)

DE noted request from Shane (Music) for end of term music fundraiser – seeking to charge and promote to school community and wider. MD noted connection with Marketing Officer (Evelyn's) work with Convent and wider promotions. DE will arrange for school community promotion (ACTION). MD will connect with Evelyn to tie in with promotion to convent and wider (ACTION)

Acting Principal's Report

FC provided updates on many activities in her role. She covered changes allotments and teaching loads for staff, transition management, new starts in the High School, Early Years plans and the implementation of the new school administration and intranet: Edumate. Edumate will have many benefits for staff, admin and parents too. Rowan is in charge of implementation and is rolling out with staff first. It is going very well. There is a need for PFA to take responsibility for school community areas. MD agreed to work with Rowan (ACTION)

FC also invited the PFA to consider how it wants to celebrate the end of year 12 and graduation evening. DE to work on this (ACTION)

General Business

Management Communications

Regular monthly meeting slot has been set to run the Tuesday after the monthly PFA meeting. It will also combine with the Enrolment/Marketing SubCommittee meeting with management. SM will act as PFA delegate to the meeting. He will bring prioritised issues to School Management (Principal and Head of Administration) for discussion and agreement and report back to the PFA on progress on agreed action areas. 

Issue List Review

Long and valuable discussion of the list compiled. School handbooks agreed to be the best vehicle for improving many of the communication issues identified from whole of school meeting and last PFA. Handbooks agreed as priority activity between School Management and PFA (see item following). Next agreed priority was to further develop and promote the PFA as a representative forum for all parents and as the best channel for bringing school community issues to management. Further work on raising awareness of PFA and supporting existing groups. SM and DE to develop this (ACTION)

School Handbooks

TS and PL have done lots of work developing 3 handbooks from initial school materials and meeting with FC and others already. Proposed to focus on Class One Parent Handbook to complete by Term 4 ready for new parent distribution. Agreed and noted that this needed to be developed up by college of teachers, school admin and PFA together. TS needs some more info from school to progress to next draft. She to meet immediately with FC for direction (ACTION). Also noted that we needed a more formal working process with school admin for next drafts and getting to a final version of the due date. SM to work in the management meeting to develop this process (ACTION)

Other Business

Discussed School Opinion Survey to run this year – can it include questions about PFA? MD to work up into survey questions (ACTION)

Next Meeting

Is 15 August 2013