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PFA Meeting Minutes – 17 October 2013

PFA Meeting – 17/10/13 – Brief Minutes and Actions


Deneille Elkington, Sam Mendelsohn Tatiana Kirkpatrick, Fiona Cock, Poppy Lancashire, Rowan Doyle, Robin Dexter, Spiros Klerides

Apologies: Matt Deeble, Tal Souleiman, Norman Sievers

Principal's Report

N/A due to Norman unable to attend. 

General Business

PFA discussion on Whooping Cough outbreak in the school and current policy Vs what is needed to be amended for more serious infectious disease outbreaks

  • Concern raised on timeliness of school's response to the first case being identified
  • Current Health Care policy to be requested to be reviewed
  • Review of other School and Government policy on how to respond (within 24hrs)
  • Discuss with school management the process of responsibility – Parents, Teachers, School Management
  • Placement of policy into parent and class handbooks
  • Making sure policy for effected children/families is carried out
  • School response to families (email, Phone call, SMS, Letter sent home with Children)
  • Understanding of how other Steiner Schools respond to a serious infectious disease
  • Ensuring the entire community is informed within 24hrs

PFA – School Management Meetings

SM to send an email from the PFA to the principal to urgently escalate the Whooping Cough outbreak and feedback from the PFA on the issues in the community relating to it 

PFA attendance to Class meetings for term 4 to be scheduled and emailed to the PFA group (Action) 

PFA agreed to keep the focus on current handbook completion as the main agenda item to continue to focus on with school management 

School handbooks are on track – Current Preps to receive their Class 1 handbooks in week 4 of this term and the parent and Prep handbooks are also on track to be ready for the new groups 

Community Activities

DE updated on upcoming activities

Year 12 Lunch

DE talking to parents for final 3 helpers needed to facilitate the lunch

Slow Food Market October 26th

Spring Fair

Good Progress has been made in organising the fair 
Manuals being prepared for stall holders with instructions 
The Convent has kindly allocated more space for food and activity stalls for the fair 
Working Bee proposed for the Saturday before the fair to help set up and get the school ready for the fair the next day (Action)
DE to contact classes 6,7 & 8 for help with pocket lady nature themed lucky dips

Christmas Market last Wednesday of term in December  (evening)


Community Welcome second Friday of term one 2014 (Advertising to be organised ASAP)


Working Bees

We need more school engagement as this year has not seen a strong turn out  (Action needed but not defined so this needs to be revisited at the next PFA meeting)

Next Meeting

Is 14 November 2013 at 7:00 pm