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PFA Meeting Minutes – 14 November 2013

PFA Meeting – 14/11/13 – Brief Minutes and Actions

Attendees: Deneille, Sam, Robin D, Rowan, Spiro, Luisa, Matt, Shane (Piano teacher – part) 
Apologies: Poppy, Tal, Brigitte, Tatiana

Board Report

Robin D gave a brief updates:

  • development of the Strategic Plan and Budget for 2014. He advised feedback from the PFA on some items was used in consideration of budget. The Plan will be shared once its ready in early 2014.
  • new board members nominating and being considered
  • whole school meeting and the preference to share information more regularly through the PFA

Piano Restoration Concert

Shane presented on the forthcoming fundraising concert for 28/11 and asked for re-affirmed PFA support

Deneille advised she will do some promotion during the course of next week

Principal's Report

Norman (and partner Vivian) were welcomed to the PFA meeting. Norman provided a comprehensive report on his priorities as new principal and the immediate actions he has been working on since joining the school community. He covered:

  • Improving what is happening the classroom (with behaviour management and professional development support for teachers)
  • Clarity about the expected parent and student commitment to the school and its approach
  • School stability and security
  • Teacher professionalism
  • Promotion of the school; its ethos and values
  • Financial management of the school
  • Working with and using government frameworks (such as the Safe School Framework)
  • Interactions with the PFA and mobilising the school community to help with activities
  • Budget Update with special focus on funding Professional Development and school cleaning

He will make some announcements and updates across these areas.

PFA – Management Meeting Report

Matt reported on this item as he stood in for Sam in the meeting. He reported that Handbook work had been completed with PFA and was no with management to complete. He noted the advice given that PFA was supportive of Children's Farm market attendance but that it didn't feel it could mobilise the numbers of parents to support this and the Slow Foods.

He also advised that the Enrolments Sub Committee is now being disbanded. It has created the marketing priorities and key messages that have been handed to Norman and school management for working on. And the 'parent led' parts of the marketing plans will now be run as an activity within the PFA. Matt has volunteered to hold the responsibility for this in the PFA.

There was then a discussion about moving to monthly Slow Foods stall, buskers from the school and having parents and class support. Action on Matt to work with Tatiana on plans for Slow Foods for 2014.

Confirmed that Sam will continue to act as PFA to School Management liaison for 2014.

Working Bee Report

Rowan gave report that the move to 1 working bee prior to term starts (and ensuring no clash with Slow Foods or Farmers Market dates) has worked well.

Rowan advised that he is handing over the running of working bees in 2014 and now is looking for people to take on the work. There was a discussion about models for making this work, including have an 'owner' within school management even if much of the work of the working bees is parent supported

Spring Fair Report

Deneille gave brief report on the learnings from 2013 Fair. Positive event and the details on earnings etc will come later. Deneille and Luisa said key learnings were:

  • at current size it needs 6 people active on the SF committee – maybe that it needs be made smaller to manage
  • important to have complementary non-school stall holders and ONLY school to run the valuable food stalls
  • need better parent support on all stalls, all parents need to see themselves as hosts and not guests for the day

Deneille advised she is working up a SF Manual to hand over to committee for 2014. She will hand over the responsibility for this event.

Class Meetings

Sam will run the PFA presentation to the Prep meeting coming up – action on Sam

Other Business

Deneille mentioned the upcoming Teachers Play and Christmas stalls

New parents connections; discussed a welcome BBQ at the start of Term 1 2014 and the Prep and Class 1 welcome morning tea – considering a way to welcome new families in other classes

Next Meeting

Is in Term 1 2014 – date to be advised