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PFA Meeting Minutes – 12 September 2013

PFA Meeting – 12/9/13 – Brief Minutes and Actions


Deneille Elkington, Sam Mendelsohn, Tal Souleiman, Matt Deeble, Tatiana Kirkpatrick, Fiona Cock and Shane (Piano teacher) and Rae (Eurythmy) (part)

Apologies: Poppy Lancashire,

Fundraising Request

Rae attended to ask for fundraise support for curtains in Eurythmy Room

Shane presented a proposal for music teacher concert to raise $700 to refurbish piano in room 4. 

PFA resolved to support and promote the event. Action for Shane to work with Dilys to select date after Spring Fair and promote in newsletter 

Spring Fair Report

DE advised progressing well with most stalls and activities allocated

Improving Convent relationship with access to wider space this year, noted and thanked TK for her great handling of this

Noted the great support from Sponsors Bean, Ground and Drunk and Belmore Meats, with Hagans Meats hopefully coming too – makes big difference to fundraising profits

DE also developing a SF Manual for use by stall and team leaders in future years

Discussed Pocket Lady – SM to ask his partner (ACTION), Deneille to contact Amy for Dress return (ACTION)

Discussed Town Crier – PL to ask her partner (ACTION)

Class Meeting Presentations

SM advised that Faculty were happy for PFA to present at class meetings and that he had prepared a script for all PFA members to use in the 2 min presentation

DE advised she had presented to Class 7, small group but well received

PL unable to attend Class 2 due to illness, will try next term

SM will go through next term calendar to allocate a PFA member to present at each class meeting (ACTION)

Acting Principal's Report

FC presented briefly on the following items:

Strong and healthy term with lots of camps; classes 6, 8, 9, 11

Exams for IB

Year 12 student performances

Partnership with 3MBS

Playgroups in the cottage

New senior kids working with the Preps to get a sense of the school

Jennifer farewell on Friday 13/9

Norman's welcome on Friday 11/10 afternoon with parents – 2-4pm

2014 Term Dates – start on 29/1/14

Hats next term – kids can choose what they wear within clothing policy

Convent relations:

a) moving well with the SF and Open Day

b) new signage by Feb 2014

c) reminder of prohibition of bikes and skateboards within convent grounds

d) new developments with 30 mins free parking for drop off and pick up – in progress

Emergency and Critical Response Policy – all staff now to sign in and sign out and parents have to do same if not at school for drop off and pick up

Year 12 Finals – last day on 25/10 and Valedictory Dinner on 22/11

Kinder plans slowly developing with DEECD considering. Convent have given their support

Class 1 Handbook

Action update is reviewed by staff and back with TS and PL for final review and feedback (ACTION)

Target is for provision to 2014 Class 1 Parents on 31/10 (ACTION)

Parent Satisfaction Survey

MD advised survey concluded and results with school management, will publish public results in the next week (ACTION)

MD reminded all of the aim to get more parent stories for marketing – he will resend the link to the PFA with a reminder request (ACTION)

PFA School Management Meeting

SM advised progress on the Class 1 Handbook (see above)

SM discussed approval for Class Meetings (see above)

Presented the Marketing desire to have stand at Collingwood Children's Farm and for PFA support to achieve this. Discussion by PFA with final view that whilst this a great idea PFA does not feel it has the people resources to draw on to support this AND ongoing Convent Slow Foods. It may be stronger in 2014 but not a priority for now. SM to take this info back to school management (ACTION)

Other Business

Discussion of unattended kids outside the school and risks

Discussion of mobile phone use, school policy and challenges

Both issues listened to by FC who will take thoughts back into school management.

Next Meeting

Is 17 October 2013 at 7:30 pm