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Policies & Parent Handbooks

Policies & Parent Handbooks

Sophia Mundi is committed to providing transparent communication between our stakeholders. This page documents the Policies and Handbooks that support this commitment.

School Improvement Plan

Our school has a very important task: to prepare our children to meet the future out of a sense of inner freedom and
purpose. Our School Improvement Plan embodies the current expression of this ongoing conversation among our school community.


Parent Handbooks

The Class 1 Handbook provides information for parents starting the school journey at Sophia Mundi.

Our Nature Playgroup Guide for Parents is essential reading for parents attending these outdoor playgroups.


School Policies

A list of approved school policies can be found here:

Academic Honesty Policy

Aftercare Policies and Procedures

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Attendance Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Safety Policy

Class Carers Handbook

Disputes & Complaints Procedures

Duty of Care Policy

Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy

Enrolment Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Equal Opportunity Management Procedures

Extreme Weather and Physical Conditions Policy

Fee Policy 2023

Head Lice Policy

Head Lice Management Procedures

Inclusion & Support School Procedures

Language Policy

Language Procedures

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Offsite Activities Policy

Online Communication Policy

Online Communication Procedures

Positive Learning Policy(Behaviour Management)

Positive Learning Strategy Management Procedures

Privacy Policy

School Security Policy

Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy

Student Health Care Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Whistleblower Policy

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