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Autumn Festival and Last Day of Term

Autumn Festival and Last Day of Term

Sophia Mundi Steiner School celebrated the last day of term and the Autumnal Equinox with our Autumn Festival, an event that the entire school prepared for over many weeks and one in which Class 1 to Class 10 students participated in some way.

Students presented the Saint Michael Dragon Play, interwoven with music and performance to honour this special time. Saint Michael is regarded as the guide and protector of our era (A Zeitgeist or “Spirit of the Times”). He is depicted holding a flaming sword to protect and give us courage in the face of darkness or hard times – traditionally in the dark of winter which follows autumn. In English tradition, the story of Saint George overcoming the Dragon depicts the Michaelic task.

Leading up to the Autumn Festival, Sophia Mundi Steiner School students and their families generously donated food and essential items. An abundant display of items was placed on the Harvest Table and later distributed to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre by Class 11 representatives.


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