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Outdoor Education

Happy Wanderings…Sophia Mundi Outdoor Education Program

Happy Wanderings…Sophia Mundi Outdoor Education Program

If you were asked to justify the actions of your life to others, where would you begin? If you were dedicated to making positive connections with nature, cultivating purposeful interactions and meaningful explorations in the field, could you explained that clearly? My world finds the joy in ordinary things and believes in living simply. So […]

Sophia Mundi Inter-school Athletics Day

Sophia Mundi Inter-school Athletics Day

The sun shone upon us and we experienced perfect weather for our Inter-School Athletics day! The participating schools included Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, Little Yarra and Sophia Mundi. Our students stood out in their new blue uniforms and although our numbers are relatively small, a number of our students demonstrated both exceptional skill and heart. […]

How to: Start a Kitchen Garden-Alternative Education Programs

Tending to a kitchen garden and producing family meals from them, can be a great way for children to understand and enjoy healthy eating, says Robyn Cook. The schools-based Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is designed to be implemented with a school’s curriculum, in which students across Years 3 to 7 learn everything they need […]

Take it Outside! – Steiner School – Steiner Education

By Rae Pica Tony sits focused on his computer screen. Keisha’s watching her favorite television program. And Kim is enthusiastically playing video games. What do these three scenarios have in common? They’re all taking place indoors – a situation becoming more and more typical in the lives of American children. There are a number of […]

Kids Need Nature – Outdoor Education – Alternative Education Australia

It’s important to make outdoor play a priority for kids, writes Debbie Agnew.   I remember climbing trees as a child, playing hide-and-seek, catching frogs and camping under the stars. One of the reasons I love and respect nature so much now is because of experiences such as these in my childhood. Nature was a […]

Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain

Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain August 06, 2014 3:43 AM ET Deion Jefferson, 10, and Samuel Jefferson, 7, take turns climbing and jumping off a stack of old tires at the Berkeley Adventure Playground in California. The playground is a half-acre park with a junkyard feel where kids are encouraged to […]

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn – Alternative Education

By Katrina Schwartz Mar. 26, 2015  When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand. Researchers have found that when students use their bodies while doing mathematical storytelling (like with word problems, for example), it changes […]

High School Outdoor Education – Independant schools approach

High school Outdoor Education The High School Outdoor program consists of journey based camps. We encourage a sense of connection and we often revisit locations they have been before. It is important in the High school to reconnect with their younger years and see a place in a new light. Our program is unique as […]